Why is it more effective to treat addiction in a foreign country?

First, German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (1856–1926), considered to be a founding father of modern psychiatry, stated, “To treat a patient with a mental disorder, he must be wrested from the familiar, provoking environment.” In other words, the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction should be implemented far away from the patient’s home environment.  An ordinary and familiar environment prevents the patient from concentrating directly on the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.  The patient will always be bothered and/or distracted by something. In the end, the patient may attempt to escape from the clinic! You may use any of the state of art methods of treatment, but in most circumstances, relapse in a short period of time common.

Second, our clinic is located in Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous country with pristine river systems.  One of our medical facilities is located on the shores of Lake Issyk Kul, a glacier fed lake. Here everything is different: the way of life, the culture, and the spiritual aspects of nature. Surprisingly, the Russian language is still widely spoken and the general post-Soviet mentality preserved. Russians feels comfortable here. One could certainly seek drug and alcohol treatment in Europe or in Israel, but there is another mentality and language barrier to overcome.

Third, we have been treating drug and alcohol addiction for 20 years. More than 16,000 patients have successfully completed our treatment programs. The patient is hospitalized with a co-dependent, person close to him such as a father, mother, and/or wife.  The effectiveness of treatment is one of the best and most illustrative in the world and we are continuously improving.

Prof. J.B. Nazaraliev

2015-07-15 20:10:00

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