Why do people who abuse drugs and alcohol for a long time can’t determine upon the treatment of drug addiction or alcoholism treatment?

First, they do not want to admit that are already dependent.

Second, they think that they will be able to handle this "infection", repeating themselves and their beloved ones "Enough! That’s the last time." But it does not happen, it is the self-deception.

Third, they do not want to part with the "pleasure", they linger the treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction up to the moment when the heart starts to ‘play pranks’ or the liver starts to "fall apart".

Fourth, they hide the usage of drugs from relatives and friends, not comprehending how on is gradually drawn into a terrible addiction.

Fifth, they are psychologically hoof, in their minds, there is a constant struggle between two opposites "to quit - not to quit," "to determine upon the treatment or not." In psychiatry, this condition is called ambivalence. Sometimes these people try to give up on their own but usually it is without success.

Sixth, most of people do not trust doctors. Recently, doctors have discredited themselves, and one must admit it is not easy to treat those patients.

Finally, the seventh, absence of money for treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction. The most compelling argument, where it is difficult to advise something.

For this, our clinic accepts treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction on one condition only, if the "dependent" is determined to put an end to this "plague".

Professor J.B.Nazaraliev

2015-07-15 20:12:00

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