A man that never sits in one place. Still young, always in searches, traveling to the farthest spots of the world in order to find new discoveries. Like any traveler and film-maker of current time.

Jenishbek Nazaraliev studied the experience of Great Britain, Netherlands, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, USA, Australia, India, China and other countries of five continents. He talked to the chieftains of Indian tribes, attended the hypnosis sessions  in dzongs of Himalayas, wandered in the drug backstreets of Amsterdam and Manhattan.

He learnt the richest experience of African shamans, meditated in the water of Gang river and searched for the chips of ancient civilizations. But not in order to obtain the glory of the great traveler or to make picturesque film about wild tribes, he wanted to make his skills and knowledge perfect and enhance his spiritual qualities to help his patients.  

Rich doctoral practice and intensive researches led to the writing of the book ‘Spare and forgive’ – original manifesto for the drug addict.

2015-07-15 20:21:00

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