Visiting the Great Enlightened

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate of 1989, the Great Enlightened…His life path is continuous search for the light and harmony, great labour for good of people for the benefit of kindness and peace. One of the most known and admired personalities in planet. His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV.

His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV hosted a reception of the President of the World League ‘Mind free of drugs’, professor J.B.Nazaraliev and his assistants in the Dharmasala residence in 2003. Dharmasala that is situated in India is called ‘the Little Tibet’ due to the fact it’s penetrated with the spirit of Buddhism. The atmosphere of the audience was so warm and informal that every participant of it felt very comfortable. J.Nazaraliev shared with his activities and plans of anti-narcotic organization the World League ‘Mind free of drugs’ and his Medical Centre.
The Delegation issued the Certificate of the Honorary Member of the World League and the hallmark gift – a 350 million year-old Sacred stone to this Holiness. His Holiness supported the counter-narcotics project of the Doctor – a transcontinental auto-marathon under the ‘NO HEAVY DRUGS’ slogan acros 49 countries of the world. The possibility of the visit of Dalai-Lama XIV to Kyrgyzstan to see the Tashtar-Ata Mountain of Salvation and mounting the golden statue of Buddha in pagoda that will be built along with other world cultural monuments of three world religions was mentioned during the meeting. 

Doctor presented his book «Fatal Red Poppies» on drug situation in five continents of the world to Dalai Lama. In his turn, Dalai Lama presented his book ‘The power of compassion’ and tied the scarf as the sign of blessing. Singing the appeal to the humanity of the XXII century, the Great Enlightened said very important words ‘You are doing great service to mankind’. That was the estimation of His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV.

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