Treatment of drug addiction

The first stage. Detoxification. CCB and combined methods

The goal of the first stage of complex treatment via Nazaraliev’s method is to quickly and painlessly save the patient from physical suffering (withdrawal) after abrupt stopping of using drugs, to eliminate the physical addiction, to arrest compulsive nausea (irresistible) addiction to drugs, to cleanse the body of toxins and waste products, to stabilize the state of health, reach the operative adequacy of mental patient.

Acute Unit. Immediately after hospitalization of patients a strong infusion therapy for the normalization of micro- and macro-mineral of metabolism upon individual scheme starting, fluid replacement, maintenance of organs and systems is started.

Since 99% of patients have a specific defect of veins due to the constant injection of drugs at the preparatory stage,

the installation of catheter onto subclavian vein is needed - the presence of the catheter is necessary for the therapeutic treatment (infusion, immune modulatory, elimination, etc.).

Central Cholinolytic Blocade (CCB) starts on the second day.

Central Cholinolytic Blocade (CCB)

Central Cholinolytic Blocade (CCB) starts on the second day Central Cholinolytic Blocade (CCB) is a core method of arresting the symptoms of opiate withdrawal ("shakes") more broadly - is the main pharm-therapeutic method of eliminating psychophysical dependence.

Some skeptics and competitors speak of this procedure, to say the least of it, incompetently. We do not get involved in useless arguments with black PR-managers. We are just doing our job honestly and professionally. And we would like to offer ill-wishers to visit us in the MCN and witness it with their own eyes.

A patient experiences withdrawal in his dreams during CCB. Pathologic (violent) addiction is eliminated.

CCB is minutely and deeply studied in MCN on the effects on organs and systems of the patient, and especially the brain, its therapeutic doses and modes excluding negative effects on the body are worked out.

Before the CCB course, patients are examined on drug tolerance test, individual dose is strictly selected so to eliminate any adverse effects. Individual dose and individually assigned CCB option suits the individual characteristics of the patient causing the planned therapeutic effect, allow to control, to manage and make CCB completely safe for the patient.

CCB sessions held in specialized intensive care patient’s room, equipped with the state of art equipment to monitor the patient's condition under the constant supervision of anesthesiologists-resuscitators, drug addiction treatment and psychotherapy experts.

Approximately 100,000 of successful CCB sessions in the treatment of the acute phase of opiate withdrawal in the Medical Center of Doctor Nazaraliev in the past 15 years of practice have allowed a detailed and comprehensive study of its positive impact. This number is quite a strong argument in favor of CCB as efficient and safe treatment component of combined psychophysical dependence when opioid addiction takes place.

The method is warranted by MCN (In accordance with the monograph of J.Nazaraliev L.Munkina "Treatment of acute phase of opium withdrawal via central cholinolytic blockade.").

Combined with CCB (between its sessions) different approaches that effectively relieve intoxication of the organism and its consequences like plasmapheresis, hemosorption - upon prescription, hyperbaric oxygenation replenishing oxygen deficiency are undertaken. Transcranial electrical stimulation, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, laser therapy in a parallel combination with immunomodulation and vitamin therapy allow to remove physical dependence, improve the health of the patient, to normalize metabolism completely that makes full psychotherapy of the patient possible within 12-15 days.

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