Treatment stages

Nazaraliev’s treatment method is based on author’s approach in treating psychological illnesses as well as alcohol and drug addiction. The therapeutic concept is realized in a serious, scientific complex of medical methods which provide patients effective rehabilitation from illness.

It has one distinctive aspect. The patient is hospitalized together with a close family member. During the treatment, a co-dependant is also receiving psychological correction and conducts self evaluation. We try to conduct family psycho correction, the correction in interpersonal relations between family members. We change the attitude of the family members towards the sickness of the patient, and try to coach them how to provide first aid psychological and physical aid if necessary.

Thus, the method itself has a triple psychotherapeutic union of the doctor, the patient and the co-dependant person. This is what helps us to attain higher statistical data in efficiency which is showing up to 86% of success in drug addiction treatment and 92% of success in alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

First stage of treatment

Detoxification. CCLB.

First stage of treatment at Nazaraliev Medical Centre

The first stage of Nazaraliev's complex treatment is based on the implementation of psychopharmacological therapy and the session of central cholinolytic blockade. (CCLB).

What is psychopharmacological therapy?

Psychopharmacological therapy involves the use of neuroleptics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, immunomodulators, and other medical drugs which are widely used in psychotherapy and drug addiction treatment practice. Besides all listed above, a general infusion and overall health restorative therapy is conducted.

What is a Central Cholinolytic Blockade?

Central Cholinolytic Blockade (CCLB) is the key method for release of an acute withdrawal syndrome (abstinent syndrome). To look widely, CCLB is the base pharmacotherapeutic method in arresting psycho-physical addiction.

The method of CCLB allows rapidly ( 2 to 6 sessions) to rid of the neurotic signs and symptoms as well as to ease the pain and overall psycho-negative condition of the patient. The idea is administered in a low dose of atropine. Under the influence of atropine patient is put to sleep for several hours. (2-3 hours). As a result, patient becomes more flexible psychologically, which increases the opportunity to conduct psychotherapeutic work in the future more effectively.

Is it dangerous?

We have conducted over 100,000 sessions of central cholinolytic blockade. The dosage of the drug is assigned and used individually. During artificial sleep session, patients are observed by professional anesthesiologists-resuscitators and psychotherapists who control the process. The procedure is conducted in intensive care department. No negative influences on mentality or human organism were observed in our clinic in the last 25 years of practical experience.

What is it needed for?

The aim of the first stage of treatment, after patient’s rapid rejection from drug dosage, is painless and rapid help to ease an acute abstinence syndrome and to suppress cravings for drugs. After all, the patient’ organism is cleaned from toxins and decay products, his condition stabilizes and the state of adequate psychological form is attained.

Additional procedures

In addition to all the procedures, patients receive:

  • Plasmapheresis and hyperbaric oxygenation which help to replenish the lack of oxygen in the organism
  • Transcrenial electrostimulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Medical Massage
  • Manual therapy
  • Immune modulating therapy
  • Medical white mud treatment and sauna
  • All these procedures help to rid of neurotic symptoms and strengthen overall physical health of the patient normalizing his metabolic processes.



Second stage of treatment

Programm "MindCrafting"

Second stage of treatment at Nazaraliev Medical Centre

At the second stage of treatment, behavioral and psychological correction is conducted. Just above the rehabilitation facility, on the mountain of Salvation called "Tashtar-Ata", a hand made pile of stones and four pagodas (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Judaism) have found its accommodation. Patients come here to pray and perform rituals. Reading prayers can be described and used as one of the approaches to transpersonal psychotherapy. Here, patients also get acquainted with the next program they take the "MindCrafting".

What is MindCrafting?

"MindCrafting" is a new terminology in psychotherapy, literally meaning crafting the mind. "MindCrafting" is a psychotherapeutic synthesis of eastern spiritual and philosophical approaches to medicine and western pragmatic scientific techniques. The aim of "MindCrafting" is to help patient obtain wholeness of consciousness to sustain his/her psychological state by strengthening mental health, thus re-discovering patient's confidence and abilities. "MindCrafting" opens new horizons for self development and enables one to learn the techniques of anti-relapse auto trainings.

Where is the program conducted?

The program is conducted at the yurt camp Ak-Tengir (Bright Space) located on the lake Issyk-Kul. This place is popular for its healing waters, medical clay, fresh mountain air and sunny weather. Ak-Tengir has it all in order to heal body and spirit. Patients live in comfortable hand made yurts (traditional Kyrgyz houses used by nomads). Living in these yurts created a harmony of alliance with Mother Nature and psychological comfort. Besides, there is a sauna ( bania) located in one of these yurts at the very shore. It helps to clean organism from toxins and decay products in the most unique way ever.

Additional procedures

In our clinic, doctors also conduct a group and individual psychotherapy- arrangement by Hellinger. Transactional analyses, body oriented therapy, art-therapy, and groups of personal growth. The innovative psycho technique which is not included in the program "MindCrafting" can be considered the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is aimed to work with traumatic past and experience in the patient's memory. In order to ease psycho and physical state of the patient, patients are additionally sent to medical trips stretched along beautiful and sacred places around the lake.


Specially designed psychotherapeutic techniques allow resisting deadly habits during remission.

A person, who completed rehabilitation course, has strengthened its spirit and will power, which will help in the future to reject any temptations for drug use.

Breathing practice allows patient to suppress the raging emotions, return to a calm state of mind and to immerse into a feeling of wholeness. After experiencing similar to cosmic feeling sensation, patient discovers absolutely new abilities within. 

A tremendous emotional uplift is attained and person begins to feel happy here and now. The hidden potential is revealed and thinking becomes flexible and no ordinary. During the peak of the training, patient reaches the sensation of emptiness. 

This is the point when person's consciousness expands and he/she is capable of seeing and solving things and problems from absolutely different, wiser perspectives.

Meditation allows reaching a certain state of consciousness. From the state of illness and suffering, patient is transformed into the feeling of self healing, harmony and internal balance.

According to Sri Aurobindo's meditating techniques, patient is brought to the feeling of unity, kindness, and positive perception of life in all its variety. The psychic energy is activated and then transferred above the frames of stereotypes.

This magic whirling dance came from the ancient times. The Mevlevi Order is a Sufi order founded by the followers of Jalal ad-Din Muhhamad Balkhi-Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet and theologian. Patients mimic the rhythmic spinning movement creating a powerful energy. This unique overwhelming feeling causes the body to fall to the earth.

A person feels the support of the earth but the consciousness is still present in the wild carousel. The spinning motion enables one to reach the Almighty. It is both an act of love and belief. The rhythmic spinning, the entire experience evokes the feelings of ecstasy and mystic flight raising confidence, endurance and courage.

The Aum, also spelled like Om, represents the sound that tunes human organism. Its effects on the body and mind provide peace, relaxation and harmony. The repetitious chanting produces excellent mental and physical health. The practice lowers blood pressure, increases the efficiency of all the cells and organs in the body. Aum chanting rejuvenates the mind and increases concentration and memory skills thereby effectively teaching the individual effective meditating techniques.

Aum chanting is a therapy program with outstanding healing benefits; it is u universal mantra that everyone is capable of performing. Aum symbolizes the stairs that take a person to the highest level of consciousness. One must understand that Aum is the underlying current permeating the universe. When meditating the Aum, you experience eternity, immortality, inner spiritual strength, deep insights and changes in your everyday life perception.

The ancient sages used this psycho-technique to replenish physical power and rest the mind. The relaxation trainings and methods date back centuries and were used to celebrate traditions and rituals. Every cell in the body succumbs to a state of intense relaxation. The body experiences a unique lightness uninterrupted by any external disturbances.

A 20 minute session in Savasana, is equivalent to a 3 hour sleep. The therapeutic nature of this training reduces migraines, lowers the blood pressure, and decreases symptoms associated with asthma, neuroses and depression.

Lapidopsychotherapy assumes working with the stone of soul. This is a modern practice directed to transform all negative thoughts and feelings inside the stone patient chose during rehabilitation period.

The stone is the keeper of information for centuries. Holding it tight in hands, patient transforms all his negative experience and feelings onto it.

Psychologically, the stone is now symbolizes the burden of past, and during the ritual of liberation on the Sacred Mountain of Salvation "Tashtar-Ata", it will be thrown into the huge pile of similar stones. In other words a patient will throw the burden off shoulders.

From ancient times, silence was used as a powerful training tool. Indian yogis, Dervishes of the East, and Egyptian priests taught this element to their adepts. The vow of silence is an auto-psycho-training technique harmoniously linked to the psycho-therapeutic method linked to the natural wonders of "Tashtar-Ata".

This training is one of the most important elements in overcoming the patient's addictive behavior. Session is specifically focused on transforming the patient's personality through self-immersion, self analyses, critical thinking and self introspection of the patient's past. At this moment the "I am" concept begins to develop and the idea of "I am strong" solidly forms.

Third stage of treatment

Stress Energetic Psychotherapy. Pilgrimage

Third stage of treatment at Nazaraliev Medical Centre

After completion of the first two treatment stages followed by medical commission, patient can be allowed to undergo the Stress Energetic Psychotherapy or Pilgrimage. For the neurological department patients, we only recommend Pilgrimage.

The third stage is required in order to strengthen the results of treatment. Patients leave negative memories and experiences behind entering new, drug free fruitful and positive life.

What is SEPT and how is it conducted?

Stress Energetic Psychotherapy is a modernized form of elementary psychotherapy. The time line of the treatment process is important. Following the release from acute withdrawal syndrome and Mindcrafting (approximately during the fourth week of the treatment program), the patient medicinally induced, is put into a specific 20-35 minute transpersonal experience. At this very condition patients are partially disoriented in time and space, tremor and intensive sweating is observed. Patients experience something similar to catharsis- purification and renewal. During the session, patients are awake, can see and hear absolutely everything. They do not experience pain or physical discomfort. The consciousness is recharged by doctors-operators who imperatively give strong directives in the forms of words: you are strong, you are brave, you are a fully recharged person, and there is no power exists which can force you to take drugs or alcohol ever again!

How is the Stress Energetic Psychotherapy  session ( SEPT) conducted?

During the session, special elements of imperative influence and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) are used. On the third day, when the expectation level reaches the level of apogee, patient is taken to a specially designed room, where under the bright lights is being exposed to the session of a very powerful psychotherapeutic influence.

In this condition, patients are partially disoriented in time and space, and the symptoms of extensive sweating and body tremor is observed. They experience the feeling similar to catharsis- purification and rebirth. During the session, patients feel and hear absolutely everything and experience no discomfort or pain, while their mind is charged by doctor-operator with strong and stable directives for future- “You are strong!” “You are brave!” “ You are a fully recharged person and there is no power exists which can break your spirit!” After the SEPT session, patient falls asleep for 2-3 hours. When patient awakes, he feels rebirth. During the trance a pathological craving for drugs and alcohol is eliminated.

Why is SEPT needed for?

SEPT is a powerful finale which helps to completely destroy psychological addiction and provides confidence and power to believe in inner Self- the new, clean, and free of addiction SELF. SEPT provides stable and solid directives and installations for a long term remission and confidence to withstand the attempt of relapse.


How the pilgrimage works?

The alternative to the Stress Energetic Psycho Therapy is Pilgrimage. The beginning of the journey begins at the foothills of the great mountain passage Ala Bel. This journey is 250 km in length. For several days, the patient walks towards Tashtar-Ata, the mountain of salvation, carrying his/her stone of burden. While walking, the patient re-evaluates life and abilities. Everyday, the patient’s belief strengthens; the immense responsibility to overcome drug addiction and illness is finally accepted. During the rout each patient is escorted by a doctor who is silently witnesses the monumental achievements. The psychological analyses during this trying passage, amongst the incredible natural surroundings, serves as the necessary motivation to help viewing life from different perspective- to finally begin to appreciating life for what it truly is, a gift. Acclimating to the mountain air, camping at night, the physicality endured- all of these adaptations force the patient to delve into personal world. Step by step, hour by hour, the person is transformed.
After completing pilgrimage or SEPT, patient performs the ritual of rejection.

What is the ritual of rejection and why is it needed for?

The ritual of rejection is a metaphoric and symbolic act for the patient. The negative energy which was transferred to the stone is cast away. Addicts’ burdened past dissolves into ashes, a final surge to the summit of a sacred mountain to offer prayers at an ancient holy site takes place.

During the final moments of the rejection ritual, the patient approaches the peak of Tashtar-Ata carrying the stone of burden. It can be left or thrown onto a pile; not until then, will the transformation to the new SELF occur. The stone is thrown at the hear of a stone pile as the patient chants, “from stone to stone, from heart to heart, I pray that my hands are to become drug free forever!”.

After the patient throws the stone, he/she approaches the wild hawthorns to perform a tying ritual. The gesture of tying the knot on the wild bush signifies a rebirth of “SELF” free from addiction. Offering prayers is a gesture of respect for Mother Nature. Although the ritual is symbolic; the importance of it can be not understated. During the psychotherapeutic program, the meaning of the gestures is deeply important in meaning for the patients.

What is it needed for?

A challenging journey of the pilgrim is aimed at the patient itself. He must realize that he is a strong individual and his belief in recovery is unbendable.

Due to the mountain hypoxia, the organism is quickly restructuring and adapting to the surrounding environment. Chemistry and metabolism of the whole system change. A powerful impetus for brain chemistry restoration which was previously destroyed by drugs is given.


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