Sacred Mountain of Salvation Tashtar-Ata

There is a unique, spiritual place in Kyrgyzstan known for its positive energy and ability to cure. It is called Tashtar-Ata, the Sacred Mountain of Salvation.

According to an ancient legend, pilgrims performed rituals at the Mountain of Salvation in order to overcome illnesses, fight addiction, and ask for mercy and health from the Almighty. In their prayers and hope for a cure, they threw off stones, which symbolized their illnesses, to the heart of the mountain. Prehistoric traditions and tales about Mountain of Salvation ‘Tashtar Ata', serve as bases for psychotherapeutic legend. This sacred place is located at the cross of civilizations and ancient roads, at the foothills of ‘Tian-Shan' Mountains.

A unique power and energy to cure had been assigned to this mountain by people. And those who decided to come off the addiction find it endlessly helpful. Pilgrims and wanderers exhausted by the opium craziness came here to perform drug rejection ritual and to release their hearts from pain, burden and misery.

Approaching the legends and rituals scientifically, psychologists and psychotherapists used these precious, rational grains of ancient wisdom in creating modern psychotherapeutic method "Tashtar Ata" which positively affects emotional part of the patient and where every step in carefully developed psychotherapeutic algorithm is interacted, and completes one another. This legend is about the beautiful emerald valley with Diamond Rivers, until the dark sorrow came and shattered its sanctuary. The prince of darkness decided to overtake the Beautiful Valley. Its black fiery claws embraced the Godly Valley. The Diamond Rivers became grey from tears, the emerald valleys became charred. The Great Mountains were shuddered by the desperation of the valley.

It is then, when the Great Batir Tashtar-Ata rose from its calmness and raised his powerful hands to the darkened sky asking for the help from the Almighty. It is then when heavy, perfectly rounded boulders- the God’s gifts, fell into his palms. It is then when the Mother Earth sent Batir the magic scourge against the forces of darkness. With the use of the magic scourge Batir battled dark forces, and where he threw perfectly rounded boulders there was a light and the forces of evil and darkness turned into ashes, and became light. For forty days and forty nights, terrible battle against evil took place. It is after forty days, Batir had finally defeated the forces of darkness.

The heavenly sky has thrown its embraces around the valley again. The beautiful Valley became alive and even more beautiful. Exhausted Batir Tashtar-Ata, admiring the revived beauty, lied down in the middle, placing the God’s stones in his chest, stretching his arms and fell asleep by the sleep of millennium. The very place where the mighty giant Batir’s heart was beating a huge pile of stones rose and near the perfectly rounded stones (350 million years of age), the God’s gifts can be found. Pilgrims who were passing this Valley took those stones passing their sorrow onto them, and threw them into the heart of the stone pile.

From stone to stone, from heart to heart, is how the hand made Sacred Mountain Tashtar-Ata had appeared.

The aura here is different. It seems like eternity takes you to the mystery crater. The smell of the tribal fires and sounds takes you far away to the past. Mystery sky takes your mind away.

Crossing the Pamir, towards the Kazakh steppes the most famous, ancient road spreader its beauty. The north road of the Great Silk Way famous by its tradesmen headed by the long rows of camels carrying on its backs Eastern sweets, silks and hand crafted creations, traveled to different cities to sell its treasure passing by the Sacred mountain Tashtar-Ata. Back to prehistorically times, a path made of stones, which still can be found today, was created by people in that mountain. At the very top of the mountain the trees of a wild thorn can be found. The scorching sun dried out its branches, winds have dried its roots, regardless, the wild thorns are struggling for its survival spreading  its roots deep into the soil.

In 329 B.C. the army of Alexander the Great, invaded Middle Asia. At this very Valley, famous battles and camps headed by the Alexander and his comrade Crater took places.

Not far away from this place, Macedonian had erected the town fortress named Alexandria Eshata. From here on, he continued to lead his great army to the East.

Here, the military routs of the Great Temirlan, the conqueror of civilizations, took place. When, in 1405 year, a 69 year old emir was struck by the illness and he died leaving a great Empire behind, stretching from Caucasus to India.

In the valley, at the foot heels of Tashtar-Ata, the recluses and pilgrims worshipped the Almighty. Later, the Mohammedans prayed asking almighty for good harvesting, rains and cures from illnesses. The history keeps it unknown, when the name Tashtar-Ata was attached to the place, and still the mountain has a spirit of centuries. It is charged with positive energy, preyed. This place became a silent witness of many events and histories.

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