Rehabilitation Centre Besh-Kungey

Rehabilitation Centre MCN, is located in the village Besh-Kungei, the peculiar natural oasis. The swimming pool, tennis court, sports hall create the favorable environment for the rapid recovery of patients, the raise of sprit and arousal of interest and zest for life.

The world-famous Tian-Shan great firs grow there. The alley of chestnut trees always inspires with its beauty.

Graceful weeping willows bend their branches in the cool mountain stream, which flows at the territory of the clinic. At the lake shore in cozy yurt, patients and their close ones spend hours free from the treatment and recovery procedures. They plunge into the atmosphere of the eastern home, family vacation and enjoy the home-made delicious Asian cuisine. The products are taken from the beds at the territory of clinic. A few hours of this rest make the rest of the treatment process easier.

All the conditions for the health recovery are provided: the hiking trails with physical exercises, pure sun-heated water in the swimming pool, the outdoor organization of trips to hot springs, Issyk-Kul and other interesting excursions. There are also sport opportunities for the quick recovery. All this gradually leads to the rehabilitation of physical and psychological health.

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