Psychotherapeutic Training Vow of Silence

Auto-psycho-training called ‘Vow of Silence" falls harmonically within the algorithm of psychotherapeutic method ‘Tashtar Ata'.This step is one of the most crucial psychotherapeutic models in the frame of addiction treatment process.Based on a complex psychotherapeutic method ‘Tashtar Ata' headed personally by Professor J. Nazaraliev, this is the time when important work and correction with patient and co-dependant person is to be executed. This step is a very intensive period based on rehabilitation of the patient's personality through self-immersion, self analyses, critical thinking and approach towards his past.At this moment, the’ I am' concept appears, and the idea of ‘I am strong' solidly forms. All psycho techniques are directed toward the main aims of the treatment process such as returning the self belief, forming healthy motives and solid directives for the rest of life free of drugs.

By the moment of conducting psycho training ‘Vow of Silence', patient is psychologically ready to examine in details his troubled experience and past. One on one with himself and his problems, he is in a total isolation in the mountains, above ‘Tashtar Ata'. Nothing destructs him from turning his life back like a film, evaluating each episode and recalling every event.Wise mountains and the stone which is tightly held in his hands become silent witnesses of harsh moments of desperation and self- blaming. Understanding inner self, and freeing self from problems and negatives, patient collects a great amount of positive energy necessary for the next decisive level of treatment which is either Stress Energetic Psycho Therapy (SEPT) or Pilgrimage.

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