Medical Center and the author's method of Nazaraliev

Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev (MSC) has been treating drug and alcohol addiction. MCN possesses a five-storeyed administrative-medical building with 100 beds in Bishkek and health-rehabilitation clinic for 80 beds in the village of Besh-Kungei (10 km from the capital). Duration of treatment - from 30 to 45 days.

Author's method Nazaraliev (treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism) was patented in 1991. Addiction Treatment consists of two treatment cycles. First held in Bishkek. Within 2-3 weeks doctors eliminate patient’s pathologies that accompany addiction. The patient experiences medical-backed dream. Then - drug-free cleansing of the body: the poisons and toxins are removed from blood and body is normalized in general.

The second stage of treatment - the most important one. It is about eliminating sychological dependence. Initially, a unique course of psychotherapy in rehab-resort in the foothills of Bishkek. Then followed by a special health program "Mindcrafting" on the shore of a mountain lake Issyk Kul.


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