After the acute abstinence syndrome relieve and overall physical and emotional improvement, along with the rest of procedures, patient is introduced to one of the following levels of treatment process - Lapidopsychotherapy.

The essence of Lapidopsychotherapy (LPT) is based on transformation of personal, spiritual and narcotic problems onto the stone. Levels of LPT include:

  • Choosing the stone
  • Talking to the stone, passing the sorrow and problems on to it
  • Pilgrimage to the Mountain of Salvation, and

Throwing the stone off the shoulders (symbolic ritual of throwing heavy burden off shoulders)

Clinicians introduce patients and co-dependants to the ancient legend of Mountain of Salvation "Tashtar-Ata".

Patients ascend the mountain in order to choose personal stone which symbolizes each ones illness and sorrow. They work with personal stone passing all negatives on to it, followed by performing the ritual of rejection; at the completion of recovery , they throw the stone in to the huge pile of similar stones, praying for cure.

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