J. Nazaraliev - MD, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Full member of the World Federation for Mental Health. The president of the World League "Mind free of drugs"

- What is more difficult to fight with - alcoholism or drug addiction?

- Over the past 15 years, drug addiction has become, well, fashionable. But the problem of alcohol abuse is far more complex and dangerous. Drug addict is in a better position after treatment - he is trying to avoid those people with whom he previously used drugs. And the society itself rejects addicts. So the risk factor is not as sharp. Former alcoholics face this problem constantly: all sorts of celebrations, traditions, sessions ... something is offered to celebrate once again, or to relieve stress. Risk of relapsing is significantly high.

- Your method is a 100% know-how?

- Know-how makes thirty percent of it. The rest is the synthesis of previously known techniques used in academic medicine of the West. Plus, improved psycho practises used in the East. Everything is crafted for the people with post-Soviet mentality.

- Have you faced with the opposition of your methods from colleagues?

- For sure. Over twenty years of practice – repeatedly including officials to oversee medicine. Introduction of the method was countered here in Russia. True, it affected the development a little - given that we are in foreign country and are not required to report.

- But if Russia will help you in organizing of centers and clinics – you will still have to report, probably!

- Who said that we are petrified? We have followed Nazaraliev method for 20 years, as a result, 15,000 people got rid of addiction – that is the best proof of its effectiveness! In addition, there are the results of clinical tests. There is a great scientific and practical experience. We have monographs, we have published more than 120 scientific papers in international journals of high repute. I gained a great positive experience of treatment and prevention of drug abuse in these regions from trips to more than 47 countries around the world. I tried to creatively synthesize and apply all this knowledge in our method. So over the years the method has been improved significantly. We are not standing still. I'm ready to render maximum assistance in the fight against drug and alcohol threats to Russia following the method.

2015-07-15 20:13:00

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