Issyk-Kul Lake

Issyk- Kul lake ( translated from Kyrgyz language as ' hot lake' ) is a slightly salted lake in the North of Tian Shan. The length of the lake is 178 km, the width is 60 km, and the depth is 702 meters. It is located at the height of 1608 m above sea level, right inside the mountain basin surrounded by Kungey Alatau from the northern side, and by Terskey Alatau from South. More than 50 rivers inflow into Issyk-Kul. The temperature of the lake is around 23C in July- August, and + 2C + 3 C in winter. The waters of Issyk Kul are heavenly blue, and the transparency level reaches up to 13 meters in depth. The lake is surrounded by hotels, spas and resorts , and boy scout camps.


The third stage of the complete drug and alcohol abuse treatment program by Dr. Nazaraliev, continues on the South shore of the Issyk-Kul lake, and was chosen For the 'MINDCRAFTING' program not by accident. 

The conditions of accommodation in the Yurt Camp in Ak Tengir - translated as bright space, provide effective and fast achievements of the desired outcomes. These are : the psychophysical rehabilitation of our patients, and the establishment of a strong motivational remission, in other words a conscious choice to live drug free life in the future.
Total isolation from civilization, disturbance, pressure, noise and other daily, negative tendencies and factors, creates ecologically sufficient and fine conditions for adopting the 'mindcrafting' program in its full colors and capacity.

Seems like Mother Nature has intentionally chosen the best: mineral waters, curable clays, dry, ionized air, absence of technological waste and pollution, bright sun, mountain landscapes and scenic views, where each can be classified as therapeutic. Everything here is special. Not so many world resorts and spas are known for such climatic, mineral and healing factors. The synthesis of medium mountain altitude level and a marine factors of Issyk-Kul is very unique.

The sea climate is strongly recommended for treatment of respiratory diseases, functional illnesses of Central Nervous System, 'SNC', metabolism malfunctions etc. Mountain climate provides strong influence on respiratory and vascular system of the human body, stimulates metabolism, increases hormonal level, activates practically all systematic functions of the human organism, which is extremely important for our patients.

The participants of the program absorb the best: marine climate, mountain air, ecological atmosphere. All here is generously natural and healthy.

The yurt camp where 'Mindcrafting' is conducted is located on the South shore of the Issyk-Kul lake.

Let us talk about yurts in particular. Yurt - is a mobile inhabitance of nomads.
According to the scale of the most important values in nomad's culture, the yurt is at the highest position. For millenniums it symbolized the center, the family, the bloodline, the tribe. Today, in its construction and decorations, different manners and ways, which demonstrate ancient nomad's handcraft and industries, can be witnessed.

The walls of the yurt consist of long, red bars, the dome is made of curved poles which are bond by wooden circle, called 'tunduk'. Yurt was considered as inhabitance as well as the center of the nomad's world. It helps to unveil the secrets of ancient Kyrgyz people, their traditions, and being. 

Each detail in yurt has its own meaning and reason. The right side in the yurt was considered to be masculine and belonged to men. The attributes of hunting, horse ammunition, and weapon was kept there. Where as the left side totally belonged to women and considered to be a feminine zone with adequate object of every day use. The fireplace was always in the center of the yurt. An imaginary vertical axis - considered as a tree of life, streched from fireplace to tunduk. The ribs of tunduk are ideally stretched towards the carcass of the yurt. The dome shape of the yurt creates positive energetic atmosphere. ( e.g. Domes of Churches, Mosques).
Here we can observe a harmonic bond with Mother Nature, where the mountain peaks, streaming up, dominate. The modern yurt preserved many traditions from ancient nomads. It is very comfortable to live in it. It protects humans from scorching heat in summer days, and protects from severe frosts in winter nights.

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