Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

“Drug rehabs, addiction treatment”- under similar search requests people find numerous rehab centers with promising treatment results. Beautiful campaigns and slogans inspire hope in desperate patients. However, most of these centers have a rule- they do not admit patients with: HIV, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Cardiovascular Diseases, Gastritis and Leukemia.

Why most of the rehab clinics refuse to admit drug addicted patients with such diseases? First of all, because most of the modern rehab centers lacking complex treatment approach. Second, seriously ill patients, always assume higher professional and reputational risks for doctors and clinics unable to achieve a long remission. Seriously ill patients, who hypothetically stand with one foot in a grave may ruin reputation and image of the rehab clinic.
That is why, if you suffer drug addiction, and have diseases caused along by drug abuse, all these campaigns and commercials for a successful rehabilitation may be a myth. Most of rehab clinics and centers will reject you in admittance. However, do not rush to despair - try contacting the "Pier of the last hope”.

“We do not make promises- we give a chance!”- is the motivational slogan for Professor Nazaraliev, who had founded and established a separate treatment direction in Narcology. In the late 1990’s, Professor represented his author’s treatment technology in the National Institute for Drug Addictions – NIDA, USA.
Doctor demonstrated to American colleagues how medically induced  coma may correct impulses in the human brains and restructure hormonal balance. The demonstration was conducted on the most severe patients, particularly patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, physical pathologies and those who had lost some of the vital organs; e.g. one lung, part of the liver, kidney or spleen.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Nazaraliev Medical Center

In 2001, Professor Nazaraliev repeated his scientific experiment in Russian Federation and refined his treatment technology.
Under the close supervision of Russian Science Academy and National Scientific Center for Drug Dependence, Doctor Nazaraliev proved his technology treating severely ill patients with complications.  
The expert council found that the method rids patients of addiction and helps in the treatment of related diseases caused along by drug abuse.
The success rate of the given technology showed that 87,5% of the patients had a strong one-year remission.

Nazaraliev Medical Center (MCN) was established in 1991. Along with treating addictions, patients with mental disorders and schizophrenia receive high quality help and undergo treatment here, at the Eurasian Center for Mental Health - the subdivision within the center. Our treatment technology guarantees the relief of the manifestations of the disease with genetic origin and guarantees a complete cure with the acquired nature of the disease.
Clinical depressions and other mental disorders can also be treated here.

A special attention is drawn to deviations caused by psychoactive substances abuse: insomnia, impotence, delusions, obsessive and compulsory behaviors.
Medically Induced Coma (Central Cholinolitic Blockade) in parallel with detox help to restore metabolism, hormonal balance, relief pathological cravings for drugs and to unlock the blocks in central and peripheral nervous system. As a result, patient gets back his healthy sleep, strong libido and clear consciousness.   

For the past 28 years of practical work, more than 17,000 patients with different illnesses underwent a successful treatment at the facilities of Nazaraliev Medical Center. In Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Russia, Northern Eurasia, Germany, Western Europe and in North America - a community of former clinic patients has emerged and they call MCN – “The Last Pier of Hope”.

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