Drug addiction among women. Causes of drug addiction. Consequences.

Narcotic intoxication of women is accompanied by the disorder of capabilities to explore, retardation of response rate, disorder of the concentration of attention, paternity of expressions, their frequency, impolite behavior, bad reactions, vapidity of conversation, lack of sense of humor, rudeness, cynicism, sexual promiscuity. It is something that attract others attention since women do not act like this when sober.

The most frequent causes of drug usage among woman drug addicts are as follows:

  • Bringing up in a hypercare or hypocare manner. The deficiency in bringing up. If one is not taught since childhood to seek goals, to overcome obstacles then further one will solve difficulties illusionary through drugs. The absence of serious interests, goals in life, hobbies is easily substituted with vapid leisure by using drugs. The absence of conviction that one is prohibited to use drugs pays big significant role.
  • Not full family. Chronic usage of alcohol and drugs by one of the family members.
  • Setting contacts with surrounding people, first of all with men. Approximately 70% of sexual intercourse was prefaced by the usage of different psychoactive substances.
  • Eliminating dissatisfaction with job, family and social status.
  • Getting rid of shyness, timidity, the feeling of physical insufficiency.
  • Overcoming hard feeling of loneliness and depression.
  • Individual usage for relaxation, for eliminating fatigues, caused by intensive labor at work and home.
  • Decrease in health, behavioral and neurologic concerns these are the consequences if drug addiction among women. Almost any drug, (as well as alochol) if it is used by pregnant woman in the early stages of pregnancy, raises probability of face deformation development of future child.

The impact of narcotic substances to the organism of woman leads to impossibility to give birth to baby – her main live mission.
Chronic usage of hemp, marijuana and its derivatives lead to the disorder of menstruation. Ovulation is blocked and sterility is developed. Women that use drugs during their pregnancy give birth to children with growth retardation. Hard pathology of fallopian tubes is developed when one uses cocaine. Pregnancy can be detected later when one uses heroin, due to the fact that menstruation becomes non-regular and sometimes may be absent at all.
The consequences for the child within the womb of mother that uses drugs may sometime be fatal. HIV-infection, prematurity, low mass when born, syndrome of spontaneous child mortality, small size of head, in-born deficiencies, growth retardation, poor development of vestibular skills.
Treatment: Correlation of men and women undergoing treatment at MCN makes about 1:10.

Treatment at MCN is held according to worked out technology.

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