Dr. Life or...

After treating more than 16, 000 people from drug and alcohol addiction for 20 years J. Nazaraliev was nicknamed "Dr. Life" as the opposite of "Doctor Death" - the American Doctor Jack Gevorkyan known for offering euthanasia. 

"In case of relapse, money back is guaranteed!"

(Statement of Dr. J. Nazaraliev)

Almost all alcohol and drug addicts repeatedly promised their friends and themselves that they will stop using drugs. But! Yes, it is not an easy "thing" - to take and "give up". They have the right to say, "Try to give up yourself!". We also understand that patients suffering from any kind of addictions do not trust doctors many of them for objective reasons really discredited themselves and the drug addiction treatment experts as well. That's a shame.

We were among the first to create and implement scientific and practical approaches of the modern school of psychotherapy right before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1988. Our medical officials "pushed against", humiliated, considered us dissidents, expelled from the country, discredited in the media. We worked every hour, every minute and every second to survive, to be first in advanced technologies (know-how). Treated more than 16 thousand patients with alcohol and drug addiction, we have passed a serious test for our existence.

Today our constructive scientific and practical settings used in the treatment are implemented by thousands of clinics in Russia and the CIS countries. But how?

It all depends on the willingness of the patient. If an addict is really determined upon giving up, we will help him to deal with the problem that it is "sitting" deep within him. He will get maximum human and medical attention at our center, completely new and unique technologies that are ahead many clinics of the world. After a full course (30 days) of treatment, the patient will be revealed as a person, will be an open to society, will once again delight himself and loved ones. We'll teach him to be resistant to the burdens of the modern life.

The reputation is the most important for us, thus we follow money back guarantee system.

Prof., MD J. Nazaraliev

2015-07-15 20:15:00

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