Captagon – the main sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East

Today, the main sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East  is a round tablet with  the size of a little finger.

It is Captagon,  a brand name of psychotropic substance of fenetylline. The average price of one tablet is 20 US dollars  and it is sold in pharmacies. The typical consumer of Captagon is a person suffering from hyperactivity disorder, narcolepsy, stress, depression, post-traumatic syndrome or mental disorder. Only in Saudi Arabia, 55 million tablets are sold  to almost 30 million of  people annually. UN Office of Drugs estimates the turnover as 10 tons.

The problem is that every tenth tablet is produced not by pharmaceutical companies, but by so-called "Islamic State" terrorist organization (ISIS), Syrian rebel army or supporters of the Shiite revolution, paramilitary organization “Hezbollah”. In some cases, it is the same thing.

In the territory of wartorn  Syria,  Captagon production exceeded 10 million tablets in 2013, and this year is close to 15 million.

Thу above mentioned information was collected by means of numerous  studies of drug situation in the Middle East. Due to the charitable program "The world needs you!", not only  Non-Governmental Organization “World League "Mind free of drug" was able to examine in detail this problem, but also to start working directly with Captagon addicted people. The Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) employees and  doctors are observing the psychological and physical effects of the use of Captagon by the participants of the program "the world needs you!".

It is curious that as a medical drug Captagon is pretty much used only in the Arab world - the Middle East and North Africa. In Europe, where it was invented in the 1960s, the drug was used for medical purposes until the mid-1980s,  whereafter it was declared as hard drug causing high addcition and then  prohibited. Another interesting fact is that Eastern Europe was the last place where circulation of Captagon was prohibited (which before the 1990s was the part of the Communist bloc).

Now instructors from Bulgaria, the former Czechoslovakia and Poland help radicals and terrorists to establish field laboratories for the commericial production of Captagon.

Lebanon, Syria, Iraq  were included in drug traffic route to Gulf countries from the West before the invasion of Iraq by NATO troops. Another traffic was from the Islamic State of Iran, where the drugs were transported from Afghanistan, where from 2001 to 2014 NATO initiated war against the Taliban.

But the collapse of Iraq and Syria as a single territorial unit as well as the weakening of  influence of the political centers of these countries to the periphery had resulted in a situation where countries from transit corridors for drug trafficking have become major producers of synthetic psychotropic substances. As we have noted before, the production and distribution of drugs provides the terrorists with substantial revenues of about $ 300 million a year. These funds are used to purchase weapons and for maintenance of the army of cut-trhoats and suicide bombers.

In addition to that, Captagon represent a serious threat to the Arab world, but especially to  the most developed monarchies of the Persian Gulf. A synthetic stimulant creates favorable condition for the existence of the "Islamic state" and Hezbollah, but also Captagon can be traced in majority of terrorist attacks in the Islamic world and beyond. Among them, the last terrorist attack in Tunisia, the tragedy in Turkey. Behind all this are the Syrian Jihadists, who are ramping up production of Captagon.

Euphoria and pitilessness are the two symptoms observed among Captagon consumers. 

Hundreds of thousands of Captagon addicted are living throughout the Arab world. From the point of view of the terrorists and the "Islamic state"  Captagon is a stock  pile for future suicide bombers, warriors, and a guaranteed sales market. World League "Mind free of drug" under the charity program "the world needs you!" has received thousands of calls from people who are dependent on Captagon. Three patients from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya have already underwent the rehabilitation in the Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev" located in Kyrgyzstan. "The World needs you!" will help dozens of drug addicts, but the problem is in the system and its scope is truly gigantic. Captagon should be outlawed, while terrorists must be deprived of the resource for the destruction of the world.

But what about the hundreds of thousands of Captagon addicted?

2015-07-23 16:09:00

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